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16 Jan 2022

Meditating for a Mindful Marriage and Peaceful Planning

So, we're 2 weeks into January and Christmas and New Year seem like a distant memory!

For me, fortunately it hasn't taken long to get back into the swing but at the same time I have taken lots of time to reflect and review where I want to be and what I want to be doing.

The resounding answer to that questions is helping beautiful brides to be feel the best they can be for their big day and beyond.  I am committed to provide the best planning & wellbeing support for you.

You will find regular posts on my Insta & Facebook pages and for those who want the most valuable content you can join my Wedding Wellbeing Masterclass group where I host live videos, including meditations, visualisations and q&a sessions to help take the stress away.

You can join here

I find meditation such a great source of inspiration and lovely way to recharge and relax.

On Monday 17th January at 830pm, I will be doing a guided meditation to coincide with the full moon which always heightens emotions, so a great chance to release what you don't want and super charge what you do want.

If you're reading this after 17th you can still catch on replay and rewatch whenever you need to recharge.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just take time out.

Even if you feel like you have 101 things to do which need to be done now!!

If you actually take a breath and some time out you can re-evaluate from a much clearer space.

I find breaking down the to do list into a today list of no more than 3 things is a great way to reduce the overwhelm and increase the feel good hormones which flow when you tick another things off and complete what you set out to do.

There's no competition.  No need to keep up with whatever everyone else on your timeline is doing.  Whatever you need to do will happen when it needs to and when the time is right for you.  The best decisions are those made from a place of calmness, that give you a sense of excitement, that you can envision and fall in love with, not those made in haste just because it feels like you have to do it now.

So I invite you to take a breath, take some time out and join me for a Mindful Meditation to  help you have a more peaceful planning journey.

Anyone wanting any extra special help to plan their special day and take the stress away can contact me for a chat about you, your wedding and your wellbeing to find out how best I can help you.

Each week I have five 30 minute spaces available for brides to be to have a no obligation chat with me to help take the stress away.

Contact me today to book your appointment on 07453 571 541

10 Jan 2022
10 Jan 2022

Getting back to planning after the Christmas Break

So, we're a week into 2022, most of the mince pies have been eaten and we're getting back into a bit more of a routine, me included!

It's been great to get back into the full swing and catch up with all my gorgeous brides to be and couples.

How are you finding it?  Are you just starting on your Wedding Planning journey or have you just got the final few things to sort?

Are you family and friends a great help or perhaps more of a hinderance?!

Do you ever think lets scrap our grand plans are just get on a plane somewhere to celebrate our special day?!

Wherever you're at and what ever your thoughts are, you can soon get yourself into a better state and feeling more positive about everything.

Have you ever noticed when you want to buy a new car, you'll keep seeing that car and the ads will start popping up on your phone?

Have you noticed since starting to plan your wedding you've discovered a whole new world and found things you weren't ever sure existed?!

This is all down to our very sophisticated brain filters.

With being exposed to over 4 million pieces of information every second our brains have to have filters in place to cope with  everything they are bombard with!
Our brains delete, distort and generalise the information it receives.

How can we use this to our advantage?

Well, we can instruct our brains to look for certain things and that information will become more obvious to us.

Our brains want to help us!  They are there to protect us and follow our instructions, they want whats best for us.  So as long as what you're asking to do does not put you in perceived danger, your brain will filter out what you don't want so you can focus on what you do want.

For wedding planning and life in general this is a great thing to keep in mind.

Rather than thinking of what could go wrong and what you don't want (therefore focusing your brain on those things) Foucs instead on what will go right and what you do want!

Your mind is such a powerful, and learning to use it well will make your planning much less stressful.  By making friends with you mind you will find decision making a lot easier.

Your brain being the centre is also closely linked with your heart and gut.

Getting butterflies in your stomach is a real thing, your brain giving you another signal that this is exciting.  Well worth listening too!  

If you have knots in your stomach, this is a sure fire indication something isn't right.  Take time to relax and find answers for this and make decisions that feel right not just for the logical brain but for your emotions too.

Keeping your body, mind and spirit in balance is key to staying calm and in control.

There are so many great resources available to help you get into a more relaxed state and make decision making easier.

I do guided meditations and visualisations as part of my Wedding Wellbeing packages.  I can also help you with any dilemmas you have to guide you to the best possible outcome with the coaching techniques and holistic therapies I use.

Get in touch to find out more about how I can help you plan your special day and take the stress away.

With love, Katherine Xx


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